Professional Skills for Human Resources Management

Cairo / EGYPT

2018  , 11 – 15 November


Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

Understand Strategic HRM approaches (SHRM) .

Describe the role and functions of the Personnel/HR Department .

Show awareness of employee resourcing , recruitment & reward .

Describe best practice in working with employees and assisting with employee problems .

Understand performance management in a multi-cultural environment .

State the benefits of HR Planning and HR Ethics .

Describe the work and structure of a modern personnel (HR) department

State why accurate and accessible HR records and processes are essential

Describe the steps involved in administering a recruitment campaign

State the HR requirements for the induction of a new employee

Describe the uses of different selection and recruitment tools

Help to plan and administer performance appraisals

Contractual difference and the reasons behind them.

State the benefits of having an HR Strategy and long term HR Plan



Managers who wish to experience the see the added value HR can contribute to an organisation

Professionals who have an interest in the relationship between Human Resources and improving the performance of people

Managers considering a new career or sabbatical in HR and seeking a comprehensive overview of the Administrators role and responsibilities

Human Resource consultants  who wish to update their knowledge need to attend this informative programme

Human Resource Staff or HR Administrators wishing to refresh their knowledge of the role



Introduction and course overview.

The HR Function

Roles and Responsibilities of the Human Resources Administrator

Typical HR department structures

Centralised versus distributed HR

The HR service centre concept

Where the department fits in the organisation

HR jobs and systems

Qualifications and professional study

Working with Employees and Job Analysis

Terms and Conditions of Employment

Rights and obligations of employers and employees

Health and safety

Complying with employment law

Job Analysis

Developing Job Descriptions and Person Specifications

The use and application of Job Analysis information

Recruitment & Selection

HR Planning

Recruitment process

Recruitment sources and methods

Selection process

The Application and CV’s

Assessment and development centres

Aptitude tests

Psychometric profiling

Reference checking and screening, Contracts and offers

Training & Development

Introduction to Training and development

Training Administration

Induction and basic job training for new employees

The science of adult learning

Learning styles

The Training co-ordinator

The Training cycle

Validation and Evaluation

Performance Management and the Administration of Pay

Introduction to Performance Management

The Performance Appraisal

Administration requirements

Links to salary increase and bonus

The pros and cons of performance appraisals

Pay and reward, compensation and benefits

Salary structures

Payroll administration

Personal action planning

Working with and Assisting Employees

Managing employee problems .

Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) .

Complying with employment law .

Equality of opportunity & employee diversity .

Dignity-at-work, Bullying & Harassment .

Grievance and conducting workplace investigations .

Introducing workplace mediation .

Exit procedures and exit interviews .

HR Planning, Learning & HR Ethics :

What is learning?

Training and Development .

Human resource planning .

Integrated HR strategies .

HR and Training and Development .

HRM Ethics .

Professional Conduct .

Personal action planning and continuing personal development (CPD) .

Course assessment  .


Language : English & Arabic .

Fees : 2800 $

Daily schedule :

Lecture1  9 :  11 Am

Rest  1 11 :  11.15 Am

Lecture2 11.15 :  12.45 Pm

Rest 2 12.45 : 2 Pm

Lecture3 2 :  3 Pm