Managing Local and International Tenders And Purchase Contracts

Managing Local and International Tenders

And Purchase Contracts .. Arts and Legal Methods

20th – 24th April , 2020

London – UK

Radisson Blu Edwardian , Hampshire Hotel


Providing the participants with the means to achieve the goal of the tenders within the framework of achieving the goals of the purchasing function and the factors affecting determining the prices included in the tenders and the means of linking these prices with inflation rates and requirements to be observed when preparing and submitting bids with specifications that make them valid for consideration in all technical, financial, legal and commercial terms and to compare what was estimated Bidding at actual costs, and providing participants with negotiation skills in contracts.



Managers and heads of the departments of procurement and cost accounting, legal, engineers, and similar technical, administrative, and legal supervisory levels who specialize in preparing bids before submitting, reviewing, and emptying them in the final version and formulating, managing, and following up on their contracts.


Introduction and course overview.

General provisions in the contract:

Contracting stages.

Prepare a booklet of conditions and specifications.

Invitation to tender by advertisement.

Bidding – Technical Bid – Financial Proposal.

Formation of envelope opening committees – deciding committees.

The role of the Procurement Department at the stage of opening the envelopes and before the decision committee is convened.

Committee work progress, tender examination and study of technical proposals.

Decide on the bid – and award the contract (award).

Notification of the one who is awarded the bid.

Attribution Command.


Contemporary view of purchase contracts between theory and practice:

Types of contracts entered into in the field of procurement.

Purchase contracts – supply – equipment rental.

Maintenance contracts with the supply of spare parts.

How to conclude contracts and award bids.

Contractor selection methods.

Reaching the lowest price, highest quality, and best conditions.

Professional contract drafting skills.

Workshops to develop negotiation skills for concluding contracts.


Final contracting procedures:

Documentary credits, their importance.

Bid insurance.

Down payment insurance.

Final implementation insurance.

Drafting and writing the contract.

Factory supply contract form.


Implications of Purchase Contracts:

Management authority vis-à-vis the contractor.

The administration’s right to amend the terms of the contract.

Management authority to cancel the contract.

Management contractor rights.

Cash supply.

Compensation to the contractor if that was justified.

Financial balance in the supply contract.

General provisions in the contract.

Practical forms for the most famous purchase contracts.

Course assessment  .

Time : In the morning

Language : English & Arabic

Fees : 3750$

Daily schedule

Lecture 1
9 :  11 Am
Rest  1
11 :  11.15 Am
Lecture 2
11.15 :  12.45 Pm
Rest 2
12.45 : 2 Pm
Lecture 3
2 :  3 Pm

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