Modern Strategies For Evaluating Tenders , Managing Purchase and Supply Contracts

Modern Strategies For Evaluating Tenders , Managing Purchase and Supply Contracts

23rd – 27th March , 2020

London – UK

Radisson Blu Edwardian , Hampshire Hotel


By the end of this course delegates will be able to

Preparing and writing specifications for the required materials and supplies in order to prevent implementation problems.

Differentiation between bidders according to the correct scientific basis.

Implement the tender procedures from the request for the bid until the tender is awarded in a proper scientific manner.

Use scientific models to prepare the documents necessary for contracting with suppliers.



Purchasing managers and workers in the procurement devices of different establishments, managers and heads of departments and departments of procurement and supplies insurance and all workers in those departments and candidates for these jobs .


Regulatory, technical and legal procedures in accordance with the procurement methods and methods of selecting the contractor:



Commissioning (direct order purchase).

Tenders “types and procedures”:

Open public tender.

Limited tender.

Local tender.

Bidding based on budget.


Preparing and writing technical specifications.

Prepare and write terms and obligations for bidders, including:

General conditions.

Tender documents.

Bid processing.


Open bids and basis for evaluation.

Award the contract.


Various strategies for evaluating tenders:

Price-based evaluation with equal quality.

Quality evaluation with equal price.

The evaluation is based on price only.

Evaluation is based on quality only.

Valuation based on price, quality, relevance, time and supplier reputation.


Practical forms attached to the supply contract:

Bid Form Forms.

Insurance forms.

Reference order forms.

Forms of Agreement.


Disputes arising from a breach of a contract clause.

Bodies of Competence and Resolution of Disputes.

Practical cases and lengthy discussions.

Time : In the morning

Language : English & Arabic

Fees : 3750$

Daily schedule

Lecture 1
9 :  11 Am
Rest  1
11 :  11.15 Am
Lecture 2
11.15 :  12.45 Pm
Rest 2
12.45 : 2 Pm
Lecture 3
2 :  3 Pm

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