Advanced Effective Administration & Office Management Skills

1st – 5th September , 2019

Cairo – EGYPT


By the end of this course delegates will be able to:

Have a better understanding of the role that administrative; clerical and secretarial staff plays in influencing management results

Be able to assess their own interpersonal skills in order to communicate effectively at all levels

Be able to develop strategies for planning and organizing their work, including diary management techniques

Add value to the work of the managers they support paying greater attention to total quality

Learn how to prioritize and cope with multiple tasks

Learn how to think as a manager – planning, making decisions and solving problems

Learn how to improve their communication skills to enhance their relationships

Learn to manage your thoughts and feelings and improve self-confidence

Learn how to be assertive and therefore more effective in the workplace

Understand and develop intrapersonal and interpersonal skills



Administrative personnel, Supervisors, Administration Officers, Secretaries, Administrative Personnel, Clerks, Document Controllers, Executive Secretaries, Administrative Assistants, Assistant Controllers, Data Loaders, Camp Admins, Projects Administrators, Technical Assistants, Office Administrators & Managers, HR Officers, PA’s & Secretaries, Records Officers, Events Planners & Designers, Event Managers, Project Coordinators, Customer Service Personnel, Procurement Officers, Support Staff, anyone involved in office management and administration skills and practices



Office Management: An Overview

What is advanced office management?

The challenging role of the office manager/administrator

The skills needed to be an effective office manager/administrator

Understanding management challenges: effective influencing skills

The changing business environment and how to respond

Vital leadership skills and how to develop them

Essential Administrative Skills

Harnessing the power of the mind – through mind mapping techniques

Right brain/left brain theory

Managing larger projects to meet deadlines

Planning skills – using a Gantt Chart to chart work progress

Problem solving techniques

Becoming more proactive

Decision Making tools

Managing meetings effectively

Keeping minutes of a meetings

Working with more than one manager

Advanced Communication & Interpersonal Skills

Advanced communication skills

Interpersonal skills and working with difference

Managing new communication challenges

Making inspiring presentations

Negotiation skills and techniques

Managing difficult people

Identifying and dealing with pressure and stress

Resource & Team Management

Understanding and managing teams

What makes a successful team?

Managing effectively through motivation

Coaching techniques

Grievance and disciplinary issues

Giving and receiving constructive feedback

Self-Management and Strategic Thinking

What is self-management?

Time management skills

Setting priorities and delegating

Strategies for managing change

Strategic thinking

Decision making skills and techniques

Effective problem solving strategies

Projecting yourself positively and assertively

Self-development and personal growth

Self-Empowerment & Self-Management

Understanding the main causes of stress

How to build self-confidence and strength the ability to respond to difficult situations

How to relax and refresh the mind and body

The signs, symptoms, causes and triggers to stress

Why stress is a powerful messenger

How to break the vicious cycle of stressful thinking

The essential skills of emotional intelligence

Using emotional intelligence at work

Transforming fear and negativity and reactiveness

Becoming a more proactive, responsible and self-aware person

Vital Communication Skills

Common communication mistakes

Different styles of communication

Communicating with confidence

Learning to be more assertive

Win-win conflict resolution

The most effective way to say no

Understanding and using body language

Understanding gender differences in communication

Overcome biases and discomfort associated with exercising power

Understanding different personality types and how to deal with them

How to create an effective working relationship with any kind of boss

Best practices for delivering positive feedback

Continuing professional development


Time : In the morning

Language : English & Arabic

Fees : 2800 $

Daily schedule

Lecture 1
9 :  11 Am
Rest  1
11 :  11.15 Am
Lecture 2
11.15 :  12.45 Pm
Rest 2
12.45 : 2 Pm
Lecture 3
2 :  3 Pm