Dubai – UAE

20th – 24th January , 2019



By the end of this programme you will be able to:

Maximize customer service and provide fast and accurate issuing

Plan and control the warehousing operation to minimize the operational costs

Guarantee safety to the Stors personnel and facilities

Develop the technical skills of warehouse personnel

Deal and work with the problems and constraints related to warehousing management .



Storekeepers, Senior Storekeepers, Purchasers, Buyers, Materials & Inspection Engineers, Materials Inspectors, Stores Supervisors, individuals who have a stake in the Supply Chain and all Logistics, Materials, Inventory, Stock, Warehouse and Distribution Professionals. It will also help those who need to develop their understanding about warehouse operations management .


Introduction to Warehousing Management

Objectives and Functions of Warehousing Management

Problems in Warehousing

Usages of Computers in the Warehouse

Role of the Warehouse in the Supply Chain

Purposes of holding stock

Functions of a warehouse

Types of warehouse

Inventory Classification and Inventory Record Accuracy

The ABC Classification

Uses of the ABC Classification

Periodic and Cycle Counting

Systems and Methodology of Counting

Organizing the Storage and Material Handling

Layout of the Warehouse

Storage Utilization and Organization

Stock Location

Fixed versus Random Location

Material Handling Equipment

How to Improve the Receiving/Issuing Material Handling Operations

New Warehouse Technologies

Summary of warehouse technologies

Functions and role of the warehouse management system (WMS)

Automatic identification methods

Modeling and simulation systems

Dealing with People-Related Warehousing Problems

Staff Management

Corrective Guidance

Safety in the Warehouse

Housekeeping and Safety in a Warehousing Environment

Safety Hazards

Unsafe Acts and Conditions

Planning for Safety

Productivity in the Warehouse

Definition of Productivity

Causes of Lost Time

Warehousing Management through Performance Analysis (KPIs)

Warehouse Planning

Warehouse layout

Storage methods and equipment

Warehouse automation

Materials handling methods and equipment

Audit of a Warehouse

Objectives of the Warehouse Audit

Periodic and Intermittent Audits

Components of the Audit

Steps to Follow Before, During and After the Audit .


Time : In the morning

Language : English & Arabic

Fees : 3950$

Daily schedule

Lecture 1
9 :  11 Am
Rest  1
11 :  11.15 Am
Lecture 2
11.15 :  12.45 Pm
Rest 2
12.45 : 2 Pm
Lecture 3
2 :  3 Pm