Balanced Scorecard and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’S)

4th – 8th July, 2016

Cairo – EGYPT


 Objectives :

  • Understanding of the characteristics of key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • An appreciation of how key result indicators (KRIs), performance indicators (PIs) and KPIs fit together
  • Know how to report KRIs , PIs and KPIs in a more practical way
  • An ability to identify which KPIs may be of relevance to your organisation
  • Obtain a road map to developing KPIs in your organisation
  • An appreciation of the measures that will make your balanced scorecard function

Participants :

  • All staff responsible for monitoring and reporting the performance of a business unit, division or organisation, particularly those concerned with :
    • Corporate level reporting
    • Line management issues, reporting and decision making
    • The implementation of strategy
    • Improvement initiatives such as re-engineering, benchmarking and quality improvement .

 Contents :

  • Introduction and course overview.
  • What are key performance indicators?
    • Case studies
    • The characteristics of winning KPIs
    • The difference between the 3 types of performance measures
    • Lead and lag indicators revisited
    • The 10, 80,10 rule for performance measures


  • How to develop and use winning KPIs:
    • The four foundation stones of a KPI project
    • Outline and define the benefits for each step of implementation timeline
    • Each step will be explored in detail along with the associated fact gathering questionnaires, team worksheets and checklists


  • Present KPIs in a decision-based way :
    • Daily KPI reporting
    • Weekly KPI reporting
    • Monthly performance measure reporting to the Board, management & staff


  • Developing team balanced scorecards :
    • Each work group will design measures for one perspective (attendees in sector groups) part of step 10
  • Reviewing a sample of performance measures from the performance measures database
    • Summary and conclusions – and the road ahead
  • Marketing strategies to promote KPI development to the SMT
  • The reduced 8 step process for smaller organisations
  • Complete the draft implementation program for your organisation

Time : In the morning .

Language : English & Arabic .

Fees : 2750 $ .