Artificial Lift – ESP Troubleshooting

11th – 15th March , 2018

Sofitel Hotel  | Cairo – EGYPT



The participant will be able to evaluate the current production system of a well for efficiency, recognize and correct problems with equipment and operating procedures and design the most effective system for a producing well. electrical submersible pumps and sucker rod pumps lift System applications, design, installation, optimization & troubleshooting



Engineers and field technicians who are responsible for the selection, operation and maintenance of ESP systems




Artificial lift

Well and Reservoir Inflow Performance

Vertical Flow Performance

Outflow Performance & Multiphase Flow

Outflow Performance Prediction

Deliverability vs Injection-Depth

Water cut Effect

Wellhead Pressure

Artificial Lift Methods

Electrical submersible pumps principle

Operation principle and performance

Surface and Subsurface Equipments

Advantage & Limitations

Continuous Flow Unloading Sequence

Sucker rod pumps

Operation and characteristics of sucker rod



Running tools

Pulling tools

Design and Installation

Operation and Optimization

Monitor lift performance

Conduct well test and optimize artificial lifting on production wells

Well software model for production wells using Prosper

Evaluate gas lift problems and remediation

Perform design for gas lift valve arrangement on newly drilled wells

Well performance



Fees : 2500 $

Language of instruction will be in Arabic/English.